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Stop Geoengineering! It's time!

How much more can Mother Earth take!?

100.000 tons of Aluminum,Barium and Strontium sprayed already, and the farmers worldwide complaining about 30%-60% loss in harvesting, because the soil is getting polluted from above, or the plants can not grow naturally due to the effects of climate engineering/ geoengineering. Plus, the Bees are dying due to geoengineering (chemtrails) and 5G radiation/ millimeter waves (check the video below).

Listen to Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Watch:

My new Song Trap out now Worldwide!

F... Divide and Conquer!


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And (nearly) all the other usual suspects. I am cutting out YT Music, Google Play and AmazonMusic as a political statement and because it is hard to trust them with the Numbers. Google/ YT is setting my numbers back, because i also make Truth Music. This is reputational damage and a case of fraud.

I told my distribution to cut YT Music, Google Play and AmazonMusic.

And for the future they are fired! ;)

Power to the Conscious Consumer!

Y'all see there are still enough shops to stream & buy my Music.

I am still using my "normal" YT Channel, because Dtube (Steemit) is still not working perfect on all browsers and countries.

Step by Step all "Googles" will be replaced by something better with full Freedom of Speech!





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Stop 5G !

What do you think 5G Millimeter Waves will do to you and your Health!?

"Those motherf... gotta stop spraying Chemtrails,

because i want my motherloving blue sky back.."

(part of the Hook)


There is an explicit version, mainly because i use/sing

the word "motherf...." in the Hook.

I respect all females 100%, and because i am doing it

for Mother Earth & the People, it just nailed it from a songwriting

perspective, to say it clear & simple:

They are our Mother Earth & our health up!

Thats why i want my motherloving blue Sky back ;)

Overstand!? :)


So for radio, schools , children & those who like

some scratches over the "f...." ,

use the radio version.


Thank you



"Damn my sunset is sprayed up,
Damn my afternoon, too..."
Lyrics from my Track

"Stop spraying Chemtrails"

1 Love for Mother Earth!
Stay strong , Big Mama!
More than 120.000 tons of
Aluminum,Barium+++ sprayed already!!!
Let's stop this people.
This is no joke.

I am trying to convince no one.

Do your homework , if you care about


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We all want clean air to breath , right ?!

Clean water to drink..?!

Natural weather..?!

Own thoughts..?!

A clean environment with low radiation,

no radiation and natural frequencies...

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