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Stop Spraying Chemtrails

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"Those motherf... gotta stop spraying Chemtrails,

because i want my motherloving blue sky back.."

(part of the Hook)


There is an explicit version, mainly because i use/sing

the word "motherf...." in the Hook.

I respect all females 100%, and because i am doing it

for Mother Earth & the People, it just nailed it from a songwriting

perspective, to say it clear & simple:

They are our Mother Earth & our health up!

Thats why i want my motherloving blue Sky back ;)

Overstand!? :)


So for radio, school , children & those who like

some scratches over the "f...." ,

use the radio version.


Thank you



"Damn my sunset is sprayed up,
Damn my afternoon, too..."
Lyrics from my Track

"Stop spraying Chemtrails"

1 Love for Mother Earth!
Stay strong , Big Mama!
More than 120.000 tons of
Aluminum,Barium+++ sprayed already!!!
Let's stop this people.
This is no joke.

I am trying to convince no one.

Do your homework , if you care about


It would be nice if you

support my work, buy the track

or pay more if you want

as a support on Bandcamp.

We all want clean air to breath , right ?!

Clean water to drink..?!

Natural weather..?!

Own thoughts..?!

A clean environment with low radiation,

no radiation and natural frequencies...

Let's stay together...

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